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  • Missed, late payments or defaults
  • Mortgages for bankruptcy
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Mortgages For Bad Credit From The Expert Independent Bad Credit Mortgage Brokers - Simply Adverse

Finding your dream home can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack, but once you have your dream home in your sights it can be one of the most exciting experiences of your life. However, for many people, the hurdle of trying to secure a mortgage with a poor credit rating can turn what should be a happy experience into one full of stress and worry.

The good news is that a lender that accepts adverse credit is a very real possibility, but searching the high street for a lender that accepts adverse credit is not always easy. Instead of pondering ‘how to get a mortgage with bad credit’, Simply Adverse are on hand to take the weight off of your shoulders by sourcing the best mortgages for those with bad credit UK-wide.

Tired of searching for how to get a mortgage with bad credit? Look no further than Simply Adverse – your dedicated service for sourcing the best bad credit mortgage rates in the UK.

We’re here to help you. Don’t wait any longer, get in contact with us today.

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Why choose Simply Adverse for a Bad Credit Mortgage?

Reason 1 To Choose Simply Adverse - Bad Credit Mortgage Specialists

At Simply Adverse, we like to keep things as straightforward as possible, so put simply, we’re a specialist bad credit mortgage broker that focuses solely on sourcing mortgages for people with bad credit. That means that if you have adverse credit, you have the undivided attention of our expert advisers, specialist pre-underwriters and communicative case managers – every day of the week.

Reason 2 To Choose Simply Adverse - 9 Years Experience In Adverse

When you choose Simply Adverse, you get experience and expertise in all areas of getting a mortgage with bad credit. We have been trading in the UK for 9 years, Simply Adverse are part of Simply Lending Solutions Ltd who are authorised and regulated by the FCA.

Reason 3 To Choose Simply Adverse - No Upfront Fees

There are no upfront fees with Simply Adverse, the assessment of your situation is completely free. Once we have detailed your potential mortgage and the costs, it’s completely down to you as to whether you want to proceed.

Reason 3 To Choose Simply Adverse - No Upfront Fees

With our effective process, substantial experience and proven results, it’s our aim to never let adverse credit stand in the way of you getting a mortgage, remortgage, or second charge mortgage.

We cover a range of poor credit mortgage types...

If you would like to know more about our services and how we work with you to find you the best bad credit mortgage rates in the UK, then you can take a look at our adverse credit mortgage FAQ or call our experts today for professional and trustworthy advice.

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Mortgages for Bad Credit UK: How Do They Work?

With the rigorous application processes involved, finding a mortgage can be difficult at the best of times, but finding a mortgage when you have a bad credit score can be even more difficult.

In essence, getting a mortgage with poor credit is very similar to getting a mortgage with good credit, except there are less bad credit mortgage lenders in the UK, and it’s not very clear who these lenders are and to the untrained eye, what adverse credit is or isn’t acceptable.

With less adverse credit mortgage lenders around, using a bad credit mortgage broker simplifies the whole process. By using Simply Adverse, you open the door to a pool of poor credit mortgage lenders. These lenders are willing to provide mortgages for people with bad credit and work with Simply Adverse regularly for your circumstances.

At Simply Adverse, we can also help you achieve competitive bad credit mortgage rates by covering the whole market, to bring you lenders that offer the lowest interest rates and deposit percentages available for bad credit mortgages.

Main Causes of a Poor Credit Rating

A bad credit rating can be caused by numerous factors, some of which you may never have even considered when managing your credit rating. Some of the main causes of a poor credit rating, include:

  • No Credit History
  • Bankruptcy
  • CCJs (County Court Judgements)
  • IVAs (Individual Voluntary Arrangements)
  • Missed Payments and Payment Defaults
  • High Volume of Credit Applications
  • Debt Management Plans
  • Not Being on the Electoral Roll
  • Payday Loans
  • Incorrect Address Listed on Credit Report
  • Inaccurate associations with other individuals on Credit Reports
  • High utilisation of credit facilities
  • Poor bank account conduct

For any concerns about a mortgage for poor credit score, the professionals at Simply Adverse are CeMAP (Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice) qualified to provide expert impartial advice as quickly as possible.

Can I Get a Mortgage with Bad Credit?

If you have bad credit, then you’re not alone in the UK and certainly not without hope of getting a mortgage.

At Simply Adverse, we’ll be by your side every step of the way. We provide advice when you need it, can achieve highly competitive rates and offer an unrivalled service for adverse credit mortgages.

We have helped countless people in the UK achieve first time and second mortgages, as well as assisting those who are searching for a remortgage. As whole of market brokers, including niche lenders, we have become the trusted go-to brokers for adverse credit mortgages in the UK.

What Adverse Credit History is Acceptable for a Mortgage?

Every mortgage lender is different, so while some lenders may not accept you based on your current credit rating, others will.

However, the catch comes with how detrimental multiple mortgage or loan applications can be to your credit rating – making the process of how to get a mortgage with bad credit even more difficult.

At Simply Adverse, we’re not limited by what’s available on the high street, we search out the lenders that are more likely to offer you a mortgage based on your current credit rating and whether you can afford the payments. If you’re concerned by your adverse credit history, then give our specialist team a call.

How Do I Get a Mortgage with Poor Credit Rating?

Getting a mortgage with bad credit may seem like an uphill battle where everyone is working against you, but at Simply Adverse, we’re always working with you. Rather than search online for ‘can I get a mortgage with bad credit’, allow us to step in and take care of the process for you.

With 9 years of experience in adverse credit mortgages, we’re an unrivalled national service that is on hand 7 days a week to source adverse credit score mortgages and support you throughout the process of obtaining a mortgage with bad credit history. From 2019 we will be open Monday to Friday 9am to 9pm.

How Do I Get a Mortgage with Poor Credit Rating?

Checking your credit score may seem like a daunting prospect, but with the option of a mortgage for a poor credit score on the table, it’s good to know exactly where you stand before you start applying. It’s often the case that credit ratings aren’t as bad as you might think, as many factors are considered when calculating the score.

How to Check

Checking your credit score is incredibly easy when you use a reference agency. Many sites like Experian, Noddle, and Equifax all provide checking services for credit ratings that will give you a unique score based on your credit history.

You can check your score for Free using our partners UK Credit Ratings.

How to Get Your Credit Report

Based on your information, the credit reference agencies will compile a score, which will be different depending on the agency that you choose. This should be used as an overall guideline to your credit rating, as the checks involved in mortgage applications are often slightly different. Your specific credit details are more important than an agency interpretation of your score.

If You Have Bad Credit Don’t Make Multiple Searches, Talk to the Experts

It’s important that you react quickly to a poor rating, rather than searching again and again. The experts at Simply Adverse are always available to advise you and support you if you have a bad credit rating.

Take Our Quiz to Check Your Adverse Credit Mortgage Suitability

If you would like to know more about your suitability for a mortgage with bad credit score, then you can use our excellent online quiz that will provide you with an overview of how likely you are to get an adverse credit mortgage.

How Simply Adverse Can Help

A bad credit rating is not ideal, but it’s not the end of the world either. We know the market, which means that when you entrust Simply Adverse with finding the best deals for your adverse credit mortgage, you’re getting a service that you can rely on to support you every step of the way.

We Do the Hard Work

We take the weight off of your shoulders by doing all the hard work for you. Instead of worrying about finding the perfect mortgage or remortgage deals and searching for ‘can you get a mortgage with bad credit’, you can entrust our team of mortgage experts to undertake a free assessment and find the best mortgage deals for you.

Not Tied to a Panel of Lenders

We are whole of market advisers, locating the best rates from adverse credit mortgage lenders and niche lenders. You’ll never miss out on the best rates when you choose Simply Adverse and you’ll have a much better chance of securing an exclusive rate!

You Only Pay When a Formal Offer is in Place

We never charge upfront, we only get paid once we have secured you a formal mortgage offer and when the bank has committed to lending. You can walk away at any point in the process without having to worry about fees. If you are remortgaging or taking a second charge product, often our fee can be added to the advance and paid upon completion.

Take Our Bad Credit Mortgage Eligibility Quiz

We understand that finding a mortgage is a stressful experience that often involves endless searches of ‘can I get a mortgage with bad credit’, so our handy quiz has been created to help give you a little extra peace of mind over your eligibility for a mortgage.

Stressed or worried about your mortgage application? Follow in the footsteps of thousands of home buyers who have used Simply Adverse to help them secure the most competitive deals for bad credit.

What Bad Credit Mortgage Lenders Do Simply Adverse Work With?

At Simply Adverse we have access to the best adverse credit mortgage lenders in the UK, which means that we can bring you the most affordable rates from all mortgage companies for bad credit, including niche lenders.

Here are some of the main poor credit mortgage lenders that we work with:

  • Pepper
  • Aldermore
  • The Mortgage Lender
  • Kent Reliance
  • Together
  • United Trust Bank
  • Bluestone Mortgages
  • Kensington
  • Masthaven
  • Precise Mortgages
  • Norton

The Bad Credit Mortgage Broker You Can Rely On | Simply Adverse

If you’re concerned about your adverse credit mortgage application, then there is no time like the present to contact the specialist adverse credit mortgage brokers at Simply Adverse.

Our first-class support and extensive knowledge of the mortgage market, backed by hundreds of exceptional reviews, make Simply Adverse the best service to choose for expert bad credit mortgage advice and solutions.

Getting a mortgage if you have bad credit can be a complex matter, and depends on many factors. A simple calculator can’t give you a true idea of your options, so we have developed a ‘Bad credit mortgage calculator’ questionnaire. Complete your details to get an indication of your mortgage options*
Bad credit mortgage calculator
*To get fully personalised information and options talk to our CeMaP qualified brokers today.
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